Access Approaches, Treatments, and Collaborations

Innovative medicines offer our best hope to effectively manage disease and contain long-term healthcare costs, which is why Amgen prices its medicines responsibly, partners with payers to align on value, and develops patient support programs to help ensure broad access of our novel therapies to appropriate patients. Our high-quality, potentially more affordable biosimilars provide additional treatment options and have the potential to expand access.1

Responsible Approach to Pricing

Amgen is committed to pricing our products according to the value they deliver and employs flexible pricing approaches to help promote patient access. We have positioned our portfolio to feature medicines that can grow through volume, not just through price increases.

Value-based Contracts

Amgen is a pioneer in developing value-based contracts to help improve patient access to innovative medicines and offer system stakeholders greater budget predictability and risk-sharing.


With four decades of biologics expertise, Amgen now has a portfolio of 11 biosimilar products intended to target serious diseases, including five approved biosimilars currently launched in the United States. As biosimilars become more widely available, they have the potential to help control costs for patients, payers and health systems.1 Check out the trends shaping the U.S. marketplace with biosimilars.

Access-to-Medicine and Patient Support Programs

Through patient assistance programs, expanded access to investigational therapies, donations, and other programs, we've developed support programs for eligible patients around the world as they seek to obtain the medications they need. Click here for more information

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