Responsible Approach to Pricing

Amgen is committed to pricing our products according to the value they deliver and employs flexible pricing approaches to help promote patient access.

Amgen understands that the cost of prescription drugs is a concern for many people, and we are committed to the responsible pricing of our medicines. That’s why we consider the economic and social value of our medicines and the clinical and economic burden of diseases in our approach to pricing.

Pricing Actions:

Each year since 2018, the average net price for Amgen medicines has declined,* but this downward trend has not uniformly resulted in lower costs for patients filling their prescriptions.
This is especially true in the United States, where the prescription drug system is complicated by multiple intermediaries that chip away at patient savings.

*This content was updated as of June 2023 based on data through June 2022 reflected in the 2022 ESG Report.