Health System Solutions

We’re helping to evolve the complex health ecosystem by actively engaging with and leveraging the strengths of governments, manufacturers, academics, payers and practitioners to enable health systems to co-create novel solutions with the goal to transform from reactive care to more proactive, predictive and preventive care.

Break and Fix
Predict and Prevent

The current "Break & Fix" healthcare system focuses on reactively treating health events and disease, as opposed to preventing these events from happening in the first place. 

We believe that there needs to be a fundamental realignment toward a system that proactively intervenes early among appropriate patients and encourages collaboration across stakeholders.


At Amgen, we believe that managing disease through innovative medicine is our best hope at containing healthcare costs and improving population health. We also believe we can collaborate with partners to help predict and prevent disease.

By engaging in value-based programs, partnerships and solutions with a multitude of stakeholders, Amgen is actively seeking to identify mutually beneficial opportunities to reduce costs, improve care and enhance patient experiences worldwide.

By the Numbers:

Amgen has more than 166 value-based partnerships across 39 countries:

  • 50+ in oncology & hematology
  • 50+ in osteoporosis & bone health
  • 40+ in cardiovascular disease
  • 25+ in neurology, nephrology & inflammation

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