Jixin was trained as a protein biochemist and cell biologist with extensive experience in post-translational modifications, cell signaling, protein degradation, and genome editing. During his Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellowship, Jixin studied the biochemical mechanism and functional impact of novel proteins involved in human infectious and genetic diseases. Upon joining Amgen in 2018, Jixin has applied his expertise to developing novel therapeutic strategies to treat cardio-metabolic disorders. He is especially interested in harnessing the protein quality control and protein degradation machineries to improve cardiac function in patients suffering congestive heart failure, a rapidly growing epidemic that affects many individuals and a leading cause of death worldwide.

Featured Publications

Cui J, Zhu Q, Zhang H, Cianfrocco MA, Leschziner AE, Dixon JE, Xiao J. (2017) Structure of Fam20A reveals a pseudokinase featuring unique disulfide pattern and inverted ATP-binding. eLife, 2017;6:e23990  

Cui J, Xiao J, Tagliabracci VS, Wen J, Rahdar M, Dixon JE. (2015) A secretory kinase complex regulates extracellular protein phosphorylation. eLife, 2015;4:e06120

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Cui J, Yao Q, Li S, Ding X, Lu Q, Mao H, Liu L, Zheng N, Chen S, Shao F. (2010) Glutamine deamidation and dysfunction of ubiquitin/NEDD8 induced by a bacterial effector family. Science, 329, 1215-1218.

Yao Q*, Cui J*, Zhu Y, Wang G, Hu L, Long C, Cao R, Liu X, Huang N, Chen S, Liu L, Shao F. (2009) A bacterial type III effector family uses the papain-like hydrolytic activity to arrest the host cell cycle. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 106, 3716-3721. (*Co-first author)


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California- San Diego
Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China
B.S., Biological Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China