Yan joined Amgen in 2015 as a Principal Scientist in Inflammation and Oncology Research. Prior to that, he spent several years at various companies (BMS, Novo Nordisk & Pfizer) to drive the discovery and development of therapeutic targets in both autoimmune diseases and cancer immunotherapy, with primary focus on modulating T cells responses for disease intervention.

Yan’s current basic research interest at Amgen aims to understand the immune-dysfunction in cancer immunity. Regulatory T cells (Treg), which frequently accumulate in the tumor microenvironment (TME), represent the major population of infiltrating CD4+ T cells, and substantially contribute to the suppression of antitumor effector T cell (Teff) responses. He would like to explore the mechanisms for the differential regulation of Treg and Teff cells within the TME including their metabolism and their trafficking upon tumor reprograming of a “social network” of endothelial, fibroblastic stroma and lymphocyte cells within the TME. Ultimately, he would like to apply these learnings to discover and develop novel therapeutic agents to treat cancer patients.

Featured Publications

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Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, Genentech
Ph.D., Microbiology & Immunology, Temple University
B.S., Biochemistry, Fudan University