Robert A. Bradway Named a Top 100 CEO Leader in STEM

STEMConnector® Recognizes Amgen Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as Champion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education

Robert A. Bradway, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amgen, has been named one of STEMConnector’s “100 CEO Leaders in STEM.” The publication recognized Bradway as being among an important group of senior corporate executives who have best demonstrated leadership and advocacy of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and the need for a STEM workforce.

In his profile, Bradway calls out the deep commitment of Amgen and the Amgen Foundation to advancing STEM education, with over $70 million awarded to date. Bradway explains why inspiring tomorrow’s scientists is core to Amgen’s heritage and identity:

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Amgen, a company that employs thousands of scientists in its effort to discover, develop, manufacture, and deliver medicines, I know what can be achieved when investments are made in science—and in scientists. I’ve seen the lives of patients transformed as a result of new medicines we’ve discovered, developed and manufactured—and I’ve seen the unrelenting passion of scientists who work on those kinds of therapies. It’s shown me how rewarding it can be to pursue science as a career—and the broad-based benefits that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines can provide.

The 100 CEO Leaders in STEM publication presents 100 corporate CEO profiles including their thought provoking views on the future of our national competitiveness and need for a STEM workforce. The CEO’s center their discussions around technology; innovation; skills to careers; public-private partnerships; women, girls and diversity; global competitiveness; scalability and best practice.

The 100 CEO Leaders in STEM publication can be found online at www.STEMconnector.org/100CEOs .

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