At Amgen, we are innovating clinical trials in ways that are improving our understanding of the natural course of disease as well as our ability to predict patient responses to the new medicines in development. The result? Shorter, smaller, more accessible studies that will yield more valuable data so we can make faster decisions and get more new, safe and effective medicines to the patients who are most likely to benefit.
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What are decentralized trials?

Decentralized trials provide patients with more convenient and accessible ways to participate in clinical research.

Taras Carpiac
Executive Director of Global Development Operations


Clinical Trial Innovation

The Clinical Trial Innovation Podcast

Hosted by Rob Lenz

Senior Vice President, Global Development at Amgen

Until recently the model used for traditional randomized clinical trials had not changed since it was first introduced in 1948. Now, transformation is well underway. What does innovation in clinical trials look like? In this series, host Rob Lenz, Amgen's Senior Vice President, Global Development and experts leading next generation clinical trials explore trends and drivers in design and execution such as application of real-world data, AI and machine learning and better understanding of human diversity, to improve trial quality and safety, decrease costs and improve predictability, reliability and speed.

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At Amgen, we are innovating the way we design and execute our clinical trials – integrating real-world human data and using advanced AI, machine learning real-time analytics. We are working toward clinical studies that are shorter, faster, smaller, more efficient and more accessible. Join us!  We have earned numerous recognitions as a great place to work, including being named one of America's Best Large Employers by Forbes magazine, as well as one of the World's 25 Best Workplaces™ by Fortune and Great Place to Work®.