Amgen Foundation Supports New MIT Online Course on the Manufacturing of Biologics

With the support of the Amgen Foundation, the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) has just announced the launch of a new online course on the fundamental principles of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Offered through edX—the massive, open, online course (MOOC) platform founded by MIT and Harvard University—the six-week course launches on July 14, 2015 and explores the fundamental principles of biopharmaceutical manufacturing by connecting engineering fundamentals to real-world application. 

While the MIT course is targeted at the undergraduate level, it will be free, open to the public, and accessible to anyone with an internet connection across the globe. Learn more and enroll today by visiting the course page on the edX website.

"Through this new course, we hope to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators who will manufacture these potential life-saving medicines in the future," said Alison Moore, senior vice president of process development at Amgen. "The Amgen Foundation is committed to programs that help to build an educated workforce to ensure that scientific innovations continue."

The new course was announced in 2014 and is just one example of our commitment to advancing excellence in science education. Visit and follow @AmgenFoundation to learn more about our commitment to inspire the next generation of scientists.

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