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Amgen Thanks Collaborators in Cancer Care

At Amgen, we are committed to taking on the toughest cancers. We know the fight against cancer requires strength and persistence, and the battle cannot be won alone.

The next steps forward in cancer care will come from doctors, researchers, nurses, advocates and caregivers, working as a team to make a difference for patients.

The theme for this year's Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is "Collective Wisdom," celebrating the combined knowledge that is shaping the future of cancer treatment. Amgen is proud to say "thank you" to cancer fighters around the world by hosting a Thunderclap on Tuesday, June 7.

Join us by signing up at and posting a message of appreciation on your Facebook or Twitter account. Use the hashtag #CancerTeam to share your story about how a cancer team has impacted your life—or share one of the downloadable thank you cards below with the cancer fighter in your life.

Click on a card to download (pdf):

Cancer Awareness
Cancer Awareness

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