Amgen Thanks Oncology Nurses: There Every Step of the Way

Click here to participe in a virtual thank you via Thunderclap

At Amgen, we are dedicated to serving patients and taking on the toughest cancers. May is Oncology Nursing Month and we are proud to join the Oncology Nursing Society in celebrating oncology nurses who support cancer patients every day through their hard work and outstanding service.

This year's awareness month theme, "With You Every Step of the Way," underscores the dedication, commitment and tireless support oncology nurses provide to millions of patients every day. Offering comfort during the challenges and celebrating each and every success, oncology nurses help ease the suffering of patients and their loved ones.

Join us to show your appreciation for all oncology nurses by participating in a virtual thank you via Thunderclap  to post a message of appreciation on social media. Thunderclap is an online crowd-speaking platform that allows people to be heard on social media by saying something together.

A big thank you to oncology nurses for your continued efforts to improve the lives of patients this May, and every day.

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