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Making an Impact Around the Globe: Amgen Czech Republic Staff Give Back to Their Community

“To volunteer is a great opportunity to help those who face difficulties in their lives,” says Juraj, an Amgen Czech Republic staff member who helped organize Amgen Impact Day opportunities for their site.

Last year, 26 Amgen staff based in and around Prague got out of the office and into their community. Staff teamed up to volunteer at three local non-profits who need assistance maintaining their facilities.

Juraj worked with three of his colleagues to paint and decorate several patient rooms at a hospice center. The Amgen staff accomplished a great deal in their day of volunteering, supporting the hospice staff who spend their days caring for people who are terminally ill.

“This was a unique experience as death is often so separated from our life,” said Juraj. “Working at the hospice reminded me that I should be grateful for what I have now, being healthy and capable of living an active life.” 

Two other teams headed out to sites that provide work opportunities to mentally or physically disabled people. One team tackled demanding yard work and another cleaned and organized a workshop. “For us, it is an incalculable value that you have shown interest in our organization and that you are willing to give us a full day of hard work,” wrote the manager at Eliáška, one of the sites they visited.

“Volunteering provides an unusual platform for colleagues to work together in very different circumstances from our daily routine,” said Juraj. “Every participant has their own reflection from the experience, while at the same time knowing they have helped the community in a meaningful and tangible way.”

Whether it’s volunteering time and talents or making a financial donation, Amgen staff take action to improve the lives of others and the environment in their communities.  Making an Impact Around the Globe is a monthly feature that highlights the variety of ways our staff use their Amgen Impact Day to make a positive difference in their communities.

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