Making an Impact Around the Globe: Amgen China Supports Local Students

Amgen Asia’s R&D Impact Day had a double impact. Not only did Amgen staff make a positive difference in the lives of students at an impoverished school in Shangrao County, but the students also left a deep impression on the more than 50 R&D staff who volunteered.

Most of the students in the primary school are orphans or children who have limited access to the outside world. During their visit volunteers gave students short lessons and spent time with them. One of the staff volunteers said, “I taught students geography in the 20-minute class. In their eyes I see thirst for knowledge and communication with the external world. Surely I will keep participating with this activity.”

Another volunteer taught first grade students an autumn story in keeping with the season. “For these little children, I think the best thing we can give them is love. They are cute and should have a bright future,” she said.

Volunteers also personally donated books and money to help refinish school desks and benches. The school principal said it was helpful to receive the facility upgrades and teaching materials. The students were excited to receive books they’d never seen and extremely curious about the new lessons.

At the school gates, as the children waved goodbye, volunteers left feeling touched by the plight of these students and inspired to help even more.

Whether it’s volunteering time and talents or making a financial donation, Amgen staff take action to improve the lives of others and the environment in their communities. Making an Impact Around the Globe is a monthly feature that highlights the variety of ways our staff use their Amgen Impact Day to make a positive difference in their communities.

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