Amgen Launches First Research Grant Competition

First Competitions Focus on PCSK9 and Migraine

For the first time, Amgen is launching a competitive grant program to generate proposals for research grants, providing independent researchers the opportunity to apply for Amgen grants in 2018. The Competitive Grant Program provides Amgen an opportunity to support independent research into mechanisms and impact of specific diseases without focusing on any Amgen product. In this regard, the Competitive Grant Program differs from Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS) as there is not a focus on any specific product.

For 2018, these grants will focus on advancing medical knowledge within two key priority areas for Amgen: migraine and PCSK9 (proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9).

Two Independent Review Committees (IRC) composed of external, internationally-renowned experts in the fields of interest will be responsible for reviewing all eligible proposals for each Competitive Grant Program. The IRCs will identify outstanding proposals that will qualify for grant awards.

The migraine competition focuses on supporting junior investigators (interns, residents, headache medicine fellows, healthcare professionals within five years of completion of training) based in the United States only. Proposals for this competition should fall within the following pre-defined areas of interest:

  • Non-interventional clinical research with a focus on early diagnosis and treatment, epidemiology and patient reported outcomes/quality of life measures
  • Biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis
  • Preclinical research focused on mechanism of disease (not related to calcitonin gene-related peptide [CGRP] or pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating peptide [PACAP])

The PCSK9 competition is global in scope and proposals are welcomed from established and junior investigators. Proposals for this competition should specifically aim to advance the science of PCSK9, especially at the junction with atherosclerosis and atherosclerosis-related mechanisms. 

Specific scientific areas of research eligible for a PCSK9 Competitive Grant Program award include:

  • Interaction between PCSK9 and lipoprotein and remnant particle
  • PCSK9 and non-low-density lipoprotein receptor effects
  • PCSK9 and immune function
  • Effects of PCSK9 on vascular wall biology through genetic, proteomic, and metabolic studies
  • Lipid kinetics in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia, metabolic syndrome, or diabetes

If interested in submitting a proposal, carefully review the eligible research criteria below to confirm that your proposal is within scope for the Competitive Grant Program. Proposals that are out of scope for the program will not be reviewed by the program’s IRC or considered for a grant.

The deadline for applications across both competitions is Friday, May 11, 2018 (11:59 pm Pacific Time).

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