The Fortunes of Philanthropy

A new philanthropic strategy is emerging among “purpose-driven companies” like Amgen according to sponsored content pieces published in Fortune Magazine—one that transcends conventional monetary donations and infuses a company’s mission into its corporate social responsibility.

The stories, one in print and the other digital, cites the Amgen Foundation’s commitment to science education outreach “that helps advance the future of science and innovation.”

“The more we can empower students of all backgrounds with critical thinking and basic science skills, the better off we will be as a society,” says Cynthia M. Patton, chairman of the Amgen Foundation and chief compliance officer at Amgen.

Initiatives like the Amgen Scholars Program and the recently unveiled LabXchange, a partnership with Harvard University that will offer digital instruction and virtual lab experiences to high school and college students, are featured. The story posits that “the movement is more than just a desire to improve society,” but also contributes to a company’s positive growth.

“Supporting efforts to encourage and teach future scientists—and citizens—is a way of ensuring that the kind of innovative work done by Amgen scientists can continue in the future,” notes David Reese, executive vice president of Research and Development at Amgen and member of the Amgen Foundation board of directors.

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