Amgen Lights Up Burj Khalifa With “See The Emergency In Cholesterol” Campaign

Amgen Broadcasts “See the Emergency in Cholesterol” Educational Video on the World’s Tallest Building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai; Conducts Free LDL Cholesterol Testing for Nearly 3000 People

Faced with the alarming truth about exceptionally high rates of heart diseases and LDL-C (“bad cholesterol”) in the Middle East, Amgen joined with the Dubai Health Authority, the Emirates Cardiac Society and the World Heart Federation to launch its “See the Emergency in Cholesterol” campaign from the World Cardiology Congress in Dubai, Dec 5 to 8. This new public health initiative aims to raise awareness of the silent yet critical link between elevated cholesterol and heart attacks and strokes. High LDL-C is one of the key modifiable factors most strongly associated with increased risk for heart attacks and other related cardiovascular diseases worldwide.

For this reason, the Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Cardiac Society and World Heart Federation, together with Amgen, launched the “See the Emergency in Cholesterol” campaign, at the 2018 World Cardiology Congress. The campaign calls for patients, their families, doctors, nurses, policymakers and advocates to work together to sound the alarm and increase awareness of the risks of high cholesterol.

Cardiovascular diseases are among the world’s most significant health challenges.1 More than 30 million heart attacks and strokes occur globally every year.2 Of those who experience a heart attack or stroke, one in three will live to suffer another episode.3 Even for those being treated with a statin or traditional lipid-lowering therapy, cardiovascular risk can remain a real threat.4

The “See the Emergency in Cholesterol” campaign took cholesterol management awareness to new heights when the campaign partners lit up the world’s tallest building with a video about the importance of managing cholesterol level and embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle. The entire Burj Khalifa building served as a movie screen featuring the three-minute video, in English and Arabic, which was broadcasted at 8:10 pm. on Thursday, December 6.

“As part of Amgen’s long-term commitment to advancing cardiovascular health, we are launching the See the Emergency in Cholesterol campaign to expose the misperception that high cholesterol is a relatively normal and harmless part of ageing,” said Mohammed Nasser, General Manager, Amgen GCC. “The awareness campaign encourages high-risk patients, such as those who have already suffered from heart attack or stroke, to speak with their doctor to help reduce their LDL-C.”


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