Resolution Announced for Ongoing Dispute Over Teva's Generic Cinacalcet Product

Amgen announced today that it has resolved its ongoing dispute with Teva (and its affiliates Watson and Barr) over Teva’s generic cinacalcet product.  Amgen and Teva have been involved in patent infringement litigation, and Teva recently received approval for its generic product in the United States and launched the product.  By virtue of the settlement, the litigation between the parties will be ended and Teva has agreed to stop selling its generic product until its license date in mid-year 2021 or sooner depending on certain occurrences.  Teva has agreed to pay Amgen an undisclosed amount as part of the settlement.  That amount and other terms of the settlement remain confidential.  

Amgen remains committed to supplying all the needs of patients in the United States with Sensipar®. Although most generic companies have settled the patent litigation, Amgen will continue to pursue its claims against the few remaining companies which have not settled.

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