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5 Things You Should Know About Amgen’s 2018 Responsibility Highlights Report

At Amgen, we come to work with a mission to serve patients in our hearts and sobering statistics in mind. We know, for example, that cancer claimed an estimated 9.6 million lives worldwide in 20181 and that 18 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease.

Our staff direct their intelligence and passion toward combatting unacceptable statistics like these. To date we have contributed 20 medicines to treat millions of patients in approximately 100 countries around the world. As you’ll read in our 2018 Responsibility Highlights Report, Amgen fuels this innovation with enormous investments in research and development—nearly $19 billion in the past five years alone.

With innovation for patients as perhaps our greatest contribution to society, we support the greater good in many ways. As we highlight, we’re working to increase access to medicine, reduce our environmental footprint, inspire the next generation of scientists, support our communities and foster a diverse, innovative workplace culture.

Here are five things you should know about what’s in Amgen’s 2018 Responsibility Highlights Report:

1. Amgen is committed to reaching more patients around the world

We are improving access to medicine for patients around the world through initiatives that include pricing and patient support, product donations and fostering the development of robust healthcare systems. In 2018, a highlight of our commitment to serve more patients was our donation of nearly $100 million worth of Amgen cancer treatments and supportive care medicines for distribution to patients in 18 developing countries at no cost through the nonprofit organization Direct Relief. We also know that access to medicines can involve addressing issues beyond our medicines themselves—for instance, in 2018 Amgen partnered with the Hellenic Society of Hematology to provide air transportation support for patients living on 17 remote islands in Greece to receive care at mainland medical centers.

2. Amgen Foundation science programs serve more than 7 million students globally

As an organization with a deep appreciation for science as part of its culture, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of scientific innovators. In addition to classroom-based programs, the Amgen Foundation has expanded online learning options to reach even more students of socially and economically diverse backgrounds worldwide. In 2018, we announced an exciting addition to these online offerings with our $6.5 million founding sponsorship of Harvard University’s LabXchange virtual lab platform that integrates dynamic experimental simulations with social networking for students. This is in addition to our position as a Science Partner for the Khan Academy, greatly enhancing their ability to provide biology education to students around the world.

3. We have met our carbon and water targets well ahead of schedule

Amgen has a comprehensive, science-based approach to reducing our environmental footprint. We set targets for conserving resources and reducing carbon, which our staff avidly pursue—so much so, that we met two of these targets well ahead of schedule. Our next-generation biomanufacturing plant, which uses a fraction of the energy and water of conventional plants, is one of the many innovations that have helped us meet and exceed our targets. In 2018, we took steps to expand this model, breaking ground on a second such plant in Rhode Island.

4. We value our communities and contribute to their support

We value the reciprocal relationship we have with the communities where we live and work and have a long history of giving back. In 2018, the community surrounding our global headquarters in Southern California faced two nearly simultaneous crises. In response to a tragic mass shooting incident and massive wildfires that erupted in and around our community, we provided financial assistance through the Amgen Foundation, and direct donations from staff, along with other forms of support. In addition, we continued our ongoing support for Puerto Rico’s recovery, directing the first half of the Foundation’s $2M commitment towards reconstruction of educational institutions in Amgen’s hometown of Juncos.

5. We have a workplace culture that fosters diversity and innovation

We aspire to be the world’s best human therapeutics company and we are creating a workplace culture that supports this goal. We know that diversity enhances innovation and creating an inclusive environment promotes productivity. While we have a global workforce that is 52 percent female, and a U.S. workforce that is 35 percent minorities, we want to continue to make progress in building a diverse workforce. In 2018, we set new goals to increase the percentages of women in management and executive roles, African Americans in scientific positions in our U.S. workforce and African Americans and Hispanics in executive director and above roles. Additionally, we are looking for ways to increase participation of disabled persons and veterans in our workforce.

Corporate responsibility is important to Amgen since making a positive difference in the world is at the heart of what we do—and it goes beyond making vital medicines. We invite you to read more in Amgen’s 2018 Responsibility Highlights Report.

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