Amgen Foundation Honors David Baltimore With Gift to Caltech

The Amgen Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the biotechnology company, has committed $7.5 million for a suite of graduate fellowships in biochemistry and molecular biophysics (BMB) that will provide Caltech students exceptional latitude in their studies of the molecular basis of life. The fellowship program is in the name of Caltech president emeritus and Nobel laureate David Baltimore.

This is a pivotal time in the life sciences, as new technologies allow researchers to observe biological processes in unprecedented detail. The fellowship program will encourage breakthroughs across scientific fields, building on a record of Institute discoveries that have shaped medicine and humanity’s understanding of life.

Amgen and the Amgen Foundation have been a long-time partner of Caltech through programs like the Amgen Scholars Program and the Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professorship held by microbiologist Dianne Newman.

You can read the press release about this announcement here.

By the way, here are two fun facts about Caltech:

Caltech can claim 38 Nobel Laureates (including David Baltimore) and 39 prizes, as Caltech was home to Linus Pauling – the only person ever to receive two unshared Nobel prizes.
Caltech has starred in a number of major film and television productions, though none may be more well recognized than “The Big Bang Theory” which identified Caltech as the scientific home to several key characters including astrophysicist Sheldon Cooper.

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