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Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research Awarded

For Amgen’s Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research, 13 researchers around the world received individual grants of up to $150,000 to support innovative research into osteoporosis and bone health. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes more than 8.9 million broken bones every year among men and women around the world1.

As a leader in bone health with more than 20 years of osteoporosis research experience, Amgen is committed to supporting bone health research that may help advance understanding about the quality of osteoporosis care and patient outcomes as they relate to osteoporosis screening, diagnosis, and adherence to therapy.

Amgen received more than 85 grant proposals for osteoporosis and bone health research, and the 13 recipients were selected by an independent review committee composed of 10 internationally renowned osteoporosis experts.

Specific areas of research eligible for a grant included:

  • Longitudinal data describing long-term osteoporosis care relative to diverse guidelines
  • Effectiveness of post-fracture care programs demonstrated at a regional or global level
  • Delivery of optimal care for osteoporosis in the primary care setting
  • Impact of osteoporosis on patient quality of life, including loss of independence
  • Health system interventions to improve screening rates in high-risk osteoporosis patients
  • Novel tools and approaches beyond bone-density scanning to identify high-risk osteoporosis patients
  • Solutions to improve patient adherence to osteoporosis care regimens

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