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How Amgen’s Transgender Benefits Helped One Employee—and Her Spouse

Health coverage for transgender-related issues help employees and family members feel welcome and supported during Pride Month and beyond.

Amanda Beasley and husband, Sam Otten

Amanda Beasley, manager, Global Clinical Trials, had been following Amgen as an employer for several years before she moved to California with her husband to join the company. She’d read positive articles about Amgen’s benefits, and health insurance was top of mind for her. Three years ago, Beasley’s husband, Sam, began to transition as a transgender man.

“Even in the pamphlet handed to you during the interview process, Amgen lets you know that they cover transgender services,” says Beasley, who says this U.S. benefit was one of the reasons she chose to come to Amgen. “This was huge for us. Transgender health coverage is important because it gives people an immediate view that Amgen wants to help trans people and wants them here. I believe Amgen is near the forefront on this, because I looked at a lot of benefit packages and didn’t see these services in any others.”

In her first year with the company, Beasley joined the PRIDE Employee Resource Group leadership team and volunteered at the Ventura Country Pride and Conejo Valley Pride events, which she also co-chaired, both near Amgen’s headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. “At these events people get to know who we are as an organization and that we’re an inclusive company,” says Beasley.

Along with the sense of inclusion and financial support the transgender health coverage provides, Beasley believes it’s an important benefit for mental health. “Before Sam transitioned, he suffered severely from anxiety and depression,” she said. “As his spouse, seeing him feel safe and comfortable in his own skin makes me happy.”

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