Amgen Support Services for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Amgen has developed programs to support patients as they seek to obtain assistance following a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) diagnosis.
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Helping to Ensure More Patients Have Access to Biomarker Testing

Amgen's Biomarker Assist is a program to help more patients with advanced NSCLC gain access to biomarker testing, which is critical in managing the disease. Through the program, eligible patients may save on biomarker testing.

Biomarker Assist is comprised of two programs:


The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Affordability Program helps eligible patients (commercially or privately insured) with out-of-pocket costs for a comprehensive biomarker panel. This panel is for patients who have advanced or metastatic (stage IV) NSCLC, and it must include the KRAS gene.


The KRAS Single Gene Test (SGT) Program provides a KRAS Mutation Analysis at no cost to any eligible patient, regardless of a patient’s results and insurance. Patients will receive results from participating NeoGenomics Laboratories.

Visit or contact 1-888-4ASSIST to learn more.

Supporting Patients From Every Angle

Amgen Assist 360 — a single place for patients and caregivers to go to find the support, tools and resources most important to them.


Amgen Nurse Navigators: a single point of contact who can help patients find the resources that are most important to them. Nurses Navigators provide personal support related to patients’ financial coverage and referrals to resources that may help with their emotional wellness.


Financial support options for any insurance type – even if you have none. The program can help patients understand how their medicine may be covered, and refer patients to programs that may be able to help them afford it.*


Referrals to resources for day-to-day living, like one-on-one counseling or local support groups


Answer questions about Amgen medicines

Visit or contact 1-888-4ASSIST to learn more.

*Resources include referrals to independent nonprofit patient assistance programs. Eligibility for resources provided by independent nonprofit patient assistance programs is based on the nonprofits’ criteria. Amgen has no control over these programs and provides referrals as a courtesy only.

Providing Access to Amgen Medicines to Every Patient Who Qualifies

The Amgen Safety Net Foundation (ASNF) is a nonprofit patient assistance program for individuals in the U.S. and its territories who are in financial need.


Designed to assist patients who:

  • Are uninsured
  • Or the insurance plan excludes an Amgen medicine.

Sponsored by Amgen since 2001, ASNF provides Amgen medicines to qualifying patients at no cost.

For program information and additional eligbility critera, visit



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