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A Special Edition of Innovation2, brought to you by David and Jim Reese (Brothers2)

It's safe to say that family dinners at the Reese household were never boring. Dr. David Reese, executive vice president of Research and Development at Amgen, and his brother Dr. Jim Reese, former Chief Operations Engineer and employee #18 at Google and current advisory board member for Harvard Medical School Department of Biomedical Informatics, recently met up virtually to discuss their upbringing, personal inspirations and motivations as part of the latest installment of Innovation2.

In the video, both brothers shared the challenges they faced and overcame in their professional careers. Jim shared stories from his early days at Google, including what it took to scale the site from one room of servers to the behemoth search engine that we know today. Similarly, Dave shared his experience taking on drug development for some of the toughest-to-treat diseases, how memories from his days as a medical oncologist motivates him and what it takes to organize the "highly disciplined and specialized army" it takes to bring a drug to market.

Innovation2 is a video series created by Amgen in collaboration with The Nation of Artists to highlight how some of the brightest minds think about innovation. The series sheds light on what fuels tenacity for today's innovators and how pushing against the status quo allows them to truly make a difference in the world. Each episode features one innovator from within Amgen and one innovator from another sector. The conversations are often inspiring and entertaining, highlighting personal contributions and today's cutting-edge science and innovation.

You can view David and Jim's episode below, and the rest of the series is available on Amgen's YouTube channel.

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