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Discover What Fosters Innovation and Drives Change Through Amgen’s Innovation2 Series

Award-winning series now featured on The Verge.

Where does innovation start and how can creativity grow within an organization? What motivates people to think differently and ultimately change the status quo?

Amgen and The Nation of Artists set out to answer some of these burning questions through a series of virtual conversations called Innovation2.

Throughout the series, pioneers in science, technology and business engage in inspiring conversations about innovation and highlight their personal contributions to today’s cutting-edge science and innovation.

New episodes uncover how innovators inspire others and drive change, as well as what motivates them:

  • Ep 1: Changing a Mindset: Phuong Khanh (PK) Morrow, vice president of Global Development at Amgen, meets with Mike Pell, director of The Microsoft Garage, a program that delivers experiences to employees, customers, and partners that drive collaboration, creativity and experimentation.
  • Ep 2: Nurturing Innovation: Ray Deshaies, senior vice president of Global Research at Amgen meets with Iranian-born American businesswomen and first Muslim woman to travel into space, Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation, a non-profit organization that designs and hosts public competitions intended to encourage technological development to benefit humanity.
  • Ep 3: Making an Impact: Cathy Critchlow, vice president of Research and Development Data Strategy at Amgen, meets with Lauryn Nwankpa, Head of Social Impact at Dave, a fintech company helping people to improve their financial health.
  • Ep 4: It Takes Tenacity: Peter Kufer, vice president and Innovator of BiTE® Technology at Amgen, meets with David Putrino, Head of Rehabilitation Innovation at Mount Sinai Hospital, a health care system in New York City providing medical care to local and global communities.
  • Ep 5: A Lesson in Perseverance: Rusty Lipford, director of Inflammation and Oncology Research at Amgen meets with Aaron Horowitz, co-founder & CEO of Sproutel, a patient-centered research and design studio that develops products focused on improving health outcomes.

The first three episodes are also live on The Verge, a multimedia source covering accelerating technological change in ways that are impactful to a broad audience, interested in technology, science, art and culture.

Future episodes coming in 2021 dive into how innovators push against the status quo to make a difference in the world and utilize synchronicity to drive change.

Be on the lookout for episodes featuring Amgen leaders such as:

  • Synchronicity, a Catalyst: with David Reese, executive vice president of Research and Development at Amgen and James Reese, Former Chief Operations Engineer and "Head Neurosurgeon" at Google
  • Changing the Status Quo: with Rob Lenz, senior vice president of Global Development at Amgen and Aprille Ericsson, Aerospace Engineer at NASA

The series has already gained award-winning recognition, taking home four Platinum Hermes Creative Awards in the following categories: Documentary, Motion Graphic, YouTube Video and Original Music.

To stay up to date on the latest episodes of Innovation2 and to see more from our participants, follow Amgen Oncology’s Twitter and LinkedIn channels and Amgen’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels.

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