Innovation² with Jane Parnes and Nina Tandon

From helping pioneer the field of genetic engineering to creating potential new methods to regrow bone, no challenge is too great for these innovators featured in the latest episode of Innovation2. Jane Parnes, executive medical director of Medical Sciences at Amgen, and Nina Tandon, CEO and Co-Founder at EpiBone, Inc., recently spoke virtually about their most impactful teachers, a shared love of running marathons and their contributions to the field of engineering.

In this episode, Jane and Nina discussed how science and academia have been constant undercurrents throughout their lives. Jane shared details about her time at Stanford and her decision to leave a tenured position to work at Amgen and study new options for severe asthma. Nina also reflected on her time in academia and how she too was at cross-roads, facing the decision to pursue a career in teaching or clinical development. Both agreed focusing on helping to make a difference in the lives of patients was the defining factor of their decisions.

Innovation2 is a video series created by Amgen in collaboration with The Nation of Artists to highlight how some of the brightest minds think about innovation. The series sheds light on what fuels tenacity for today's innovators and how pushing against the status quo allows them to truly make a difference in the world. Each episode features one innovator from within Amgen and one innovator from another sector. The conversations are often inspiring and entertaining, highlighting personal contributions and today's cutting-edge science and innovation.

You can view Jane and Nina's episode along with the rest of the series on Amgen's YouTube channel.

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