Waste disposed decreased in 2021 primarily due to an increase in the Amgen Rhode Island waste-to-energy conversion at a nearby facility. The Amgen Rhode Island manufacturing facilities now divert 80% of landfill waste to the waste-to-energy facility.

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Waste Hierarchy


*Amgen Sustainability program base year.
**2027 Plan base year.

We have historically reported on the fuel use and carbon emitted by our vehicle fleet in the United States. In 2019, we expanded our reporting to include the fuel use and carbon emitted by our entire global sales fleets, reflecting approximately 100 percent of our total fleet. A majority of fuel use reductions and carbon emission reductions from our sales fleet in 2020 is attributed to COVID-19 work restrictions. In 2021, we launched an EV pilot program in the United States, the Netherlands and South Korea, enabling sales representatives and medical liaisons to upgrade their traditional fuel-operated vehicle to a new electric vehicle. Our program also includes EV charging infrastructure improvements in the EV marketplace.