Our total water usage in 2021 decreased by 117,000 cubic meters (CM) from 2020. Water usage decreases are a result of water reclamation projects, irrigation control enhancements and completion of equipment commissioning (which temporarily increased water usage in 2020). Since 2007, we have avoided the usage of 1,000,000 CM annually through the implementation of water innovation and efficiency projects.


*Amgen Sustainability program base year.
**2027 Plan base year.

Drought is a concern at key Amgen facilities, including our world headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. We continue to implement projects identified through an extensive water assessment at this location that have the potential to substantially improve water conservation and provide cost savings. 

With their continuous improvement mindset, Amgen staff seek opportunities to use new technologies and approaches to use water more efficiently companywide.

Water Sources

Most of the water we use—99 percent of it—comes from municipal sources. A much smaller portion—1 percent—comes directly from groundwater. In addition to efforts to reduce the demand for water, as described above, we also work to maximize the amount of water recovered for recycling or reuse, particularly at our facility in Puerto Rico, which features a water treatment and recycling plant that processes wastewater to a standard above potable levels. In 2021, we recycled or reused 557,000 CM of water, representing 25% of our total water withdrawal.

Managing Wastewater

Successful water management includes reducing water consumption while also monitoring wastewater discharge. To comply with local wastewater requirements, Amgen facilities operate under agreements that regulate the amounts and types of materials discharged in wastewater.