Standing With Our Asian American and Pacific Islander Staff

The below memo was shared from Lori Johnston, executive vice president of Human Resources and Judy Brown, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs and executive sponsor of the Amgen Asian Association (AAA) employee resource group.

While there are signs of hope at the end of a long pandemic tunnel, the senseless killings in Atlanta and the rising tide in hate crimes against Asian Americans are a sad reminder that the journey to end racism in our society is far from complete. For all who oppose racism in America, it is time to say, once more: β€œan injustice against any one of us is an injustice against all of us.”

We stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander staff. We recognize that incidents such as this – be they in international headlines or microaggressions in our communities – can cause fear, concern and anxiety for many.

Amgen is committed to ensuring a sense of not only belonging, but also of health and safety. Through leadership of our Amgen Asian Association (AAA) Employee Resource Group, a session with Lori Johnston, executive vice president of Human Resources and our vice president of Security Chris Davis was already scheduled focusing on safety and well-being and how our colleagues can utilize the expertise of our Amgen Security team to ensure that reported incidents and concerns of our staff are fully investigated. We have also been working with the AAA leadership to create tailored listening sessions for members of this group and other staff to receive the care and attention they seek and deserve.

Incidents like these remind us of the importance of standing up for the rights of all of us when we see any of us being demeaned or threatened. We all have a critical role to play to continue to support the well-being and dignity of all Amgen staff.

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