Supporting Access to Nutritious Foods in Amgen’s Community

No one should worry about whether their family will have nutritious meals to eat, especially not around Thanksgiving. As a sponsor of Food Share Ventura County, Amgen supports its Southern California community year-round by supporting a food bank that provides nutritious food to around 300 different food pantries in the region. Ian Thompson, Amgen’s senior vice president, U.S. Business Operations, also sits on Food Share’s board of directors.

In the video below, meet Bertha Preciado, who is both a volunteer and recipient at Nyeland Promise, a local food pantry in Oxnard, California, near Amgen’s headquarters in Thousand Oaks. Food Share helps ensure Nyeland Promise can offer the community a wide range of nutritious foods, from canned goods to fresh produce and eggs, so recipients have nutritious, balanced meals for their families.

“I like to help, even more so during these times we are living in, times where all people are in need and we are in need,” Preciado says. “Because now, during this time, my husband lost his job because of the pandemic. It made a great impact here at the house.”

Videos for this program won Platinum and Gold MarCom Awards, which are awards given out to marketing and communications professionals.

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