Amgen is committed to advancing a bold ambition: to halve the number of heart attacks and strokes by 2030. To change the cardiovascular treatment landscape, it starts with addressing LDL-C.
One way is by raising awareness of the need for LDL-C testing through offering patients a free lipid test. This is important information for patients that may help inform the need for further discussion between patients and their physicians. Amgen is also convening key community stakeholders through the LDL-C Action Summit and the LDL Awareness to Action Implementation Consortium (LATTICE) to help bend the curve for those living with cardiovascular disease. Read on to learn more about progress being made, and goals for the future.

Information on How To Get a Free LDL-C Test

Patients can access information on how to get a free LDL-C test at


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Taking on Cardiovascular Disease

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