Amgen Welcomes European Commission Report on EU Biosimilars Uptake

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., - April 22, 2013 – Amgen, a biotechnology company developing both innovative biologic and biosimilar medicines, welcomes a new report from the European Commission detailing Europe's strong regulatory and commercial foundation for biosimilars in the healthcare marketplace. The report shows that biosimilars are helping improve competition and thus may be increasing access to biologic medicines for patients.

The science-led regulatory framework in the European Union (EU) has established confidence in biosimilars which has allowed for these therapeutic alternatives to successfully enter into clinical practice. As governments, industry and the healthcare sector work together to improve health outcomes, the report reaffirms that protecting patient safety is the cornerstone of the EU's regulatory framework for biosimilar medicines.

Amgen, a core stakeholder in the consultation process for this report, welcomes the opportunity this consensus document provides for ongoing balanced and informed discussions on the European biosimilars experience. This report is designed to help national governments, health care professionals and patients make informed choices on the role current and future biosimilar medicines may have in achieving optimal healthcare outcomes.