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Amgen has long supported extramural research with academic institutions by providing non-commercialized Amgen proprietary molecules and related materials for scientific research activities.

An academic investigator can request Amgen material by providing a description of the associated study plan. An Amgen scientific review team considers all such requests. If approved by the Amgen scientific review team, Amgen will draft an appropriate agreement and send to the investigator’s institution. The agreement typically requires that the investigator use the material only for non-human studies, that the investigator’s institution license Amgen’s use of the results, and that the investigator submit both a scientific report on the study and a notice of invention for any potentially patentable subject matter resulting from use of the material. Note that Amgen takes on no obligations regarding the request before both, Amgen and the investigator’s institution, sign the agreement.

Amgen fully appreciates that investigators would like to publish their study results. The company, on the other hand, needs to protect proprietary information and patentable subject matter that might be included in such a publication. For that reason, Amgen requires the investigator to submit a proposed paper, abstract, presentation, etc. prior to publication or other public disclosure.

If a request cannot be supported, investigators will be notified.

To request materials or submit scientific reports or notice of inventions for studies currently being supported, please select the appropriate form below:

To submit a proposed publication regarding a study with an Amgen material, please contact directly the Amgen Scientific Designee listed in the agreement.

If you have questions, please contact the Extramural Research Alliances department via email at

This program is not for human or for clinical use. For information about our clinical trials, visit .