Supplier Shipping and Receiving

Shipping (U.S.)

Amgen uses the services of a U.S. inbound freight forwarder to help contain shipping costs for most inbound shipments. Amgen suppliers are expected to use the services of the freight forwarder for all shipments meeting the criteria for the program. Shipping and handling charges will not be reimbursed for items that qualify for Amgen's U.S. Inbound Freight Program. Additional information on this program will be provided to suppliers upon registration.

For details on the U.S. international shipping procedures click here .

For questions regarding the Inbound Freight Program, call the Amgen Supplier Hotline at 805-447-2346, Opt. 1.

Receiving (U.S.)

Unless otherwise specified on an order, all materials must be delivered to the General Receiving dock at the location specified on the PO. Hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Amgen Receiving must be notified of all deliveries made to locations other than the General Receiving dock (for example, drop shipments and direct deliveries). The contact phone numbers for all Amgen Receiving departments are listed in the Contact Information Page.

All deliveries must have a packing slip attached securely to the outside of shipping container(s). Amgen's material handlers do not open every container.

Packing slips must contain the following information:

  • PO number if the item was ordered using an Amgen PO; or
  • The words "P-Card" if the item was ordered using an Amgen Purchasing credit card
  • Supplier name
  • Packing slip line numbers (must match PO)
  • Part numbers (must match PO)
  • Units-of-measure (must match PO)
  • Quantity ordered/quantity shipped
  • Number of containers

Clearly mark all multiple shipping containers with sequential numbering (for example, 1 of x, 2 of x, and so on, where x indicates the total number of shipping containers).

International Shipping (non-U.S.):