Letter of Inquiry Checklist

To fill out the Online Letter of Inquiry you will need the following information and documentation:

  1. Registration Information
    • Contact name, telephone and email address
    • Organization name and zip/postal code
    • Organization tax identification number (U.S./Puerto Rico only)
  1. Contact Information
    • Contact name, occupation, address, telephone number and email address
    • Contact type:
      • Administrator, Board Member, Development Staff, Executive Director, Grant Writer, Trustee
  1. Organization Information
    • Organization name, address, telephone number, fax number and website address, year organization founded (Europe only), and top five donors (Europe only)
  1. Request Summary
    • Project title, start and end dates
    • Number of beneficiaries
    • Alignment with Amgen Foundation funding priority areas: Community Life, Science Education
    • Type of support:
      • Program Support, Operating Support, Planning/Evaluation, Research Support, Capital Support, Endowment
    • Primary geography served
    • Requested amount
    • Total project budget
    • Total annual organizational operating budget
    • Currency (Europe only)
  1. Project Details
    • Describe the problem or community need that the project addresses
    • Describe your proposed intervention for the problem above
    • Describe what other organizations are doing to address this problem and what makes your approach unique
    • Explain how you define success for this project

You will not be able to submit your inquiry unless all items above are provided.