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Equipment Donations

Public schools and nonprofit organizations are continually trying to deliver on their missions with limited budgets. As a result, essential equipment for educational curriculum is often too costly and inaccessible to the schools and organizations that need it most.

Since 1995, Amgen has donated equipment and supplies to schools and nonprofits as part of the company’s ongoing effort to advance science education and support local communities. At the same time, recycling outdated equipment that is still in good working condition helps the company further advance our environmental initiatives by reducing unnecessary waste.

Below are examples of equipment and supplies that are periodically available from Amgen for donation. Availability, location and quantities are not guaranteed and can vary.

  • Lab equipment including incubators, hoods, water baths, freezer/refrigerators, and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) components.
  • Lab glassware, lab coats, stationery supplies, racking, plastic bottles and other various lab-specific consumables.

Eligible schools and charitable organizations in North America and Puerto Rico seeking donations can complete the Qualified Recipient Registration for Non-Cash Donation form. The form includes detailed eligibility criteria.

If the desired equipment is available, it is the responsibility of the school or nonprofit organization to arrange for shipping and/or pickup.