Budget Instructions | Amgen

Budget Instructions

  1. Click to download Budget Template
  2. Submit one budget per proposed component (e.g., Dinner Meeting Series, Monograph and Web cast would be three separate budgets)
  3. For each budget component provide as much detail as possible, incorporating the appropriate breakdown of hourly rates, total hours, cost(s) per unit and total # of units. A description of line items is also required.
  4. Multi-supported IME activities requirements include;
    1. Budget breakdown of the requested funding amount from Amgen
    2. Budget breakdown of the overall requested funding amount from all commercial supporters (e.g. if the overall program budget is $500 and you are requesting funding from Amgen for $100, a budget breakdown of the overall program budget for $500 will be submitted with the same request but in a separate budget from the request for Amgen funding for $100).
  5. Income and registration fees are required to be disclosed and itemized on the budget in the indicated area. (Please refer to Budget Template)
  6. If funding is provided, management costs are not to be altered during the time of reconciliation. Line items costs are not to be shifted to another without Amgen approval.