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Clinical Trial Diversity and Representation

At Amgen, our mission is to serve patients. To do this well, we must do more to address underrepresentation of minorities and other groups in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are a very important part of developing a new medicine. Patients who volunteer to participate in clinical trials make a vital contribution to research and generate valuable information needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of the new medicine.

We can understand more about how a medicine will work in people when we have studied it in patients who better reflect the types of patients our products are intended for. Amgen strives to include representative patients in clinical trials, including patients of diverse race, ethnicity, sex, and age. In designing our clinical trials, we seek to engage directly with patients, their caregivers, and their advocates and work hard to reduce burdens and barriers to trial participation. This patient-focused approach can make it easier for diverse patients to enroll in and complete our clinical trials.

In addition, we will enhance clinical trial diversity by recruiting and selecting a range of trial locations where diverse patients may be treated, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented in research. Amgen will also collaborate with clinical trial staff with a range of backgrounds who can be trusted and knowledgeable partners for a diverse patient population.

Amgen believes that these and other strategies will enhance the diversity of our clinical trial populations, contribute to improved representation among patients who choose to volunteer as participants in research, and lead to studies that better reflect the patient populations that may benefit from our medicines. In November 2020, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America published a new chapter of its Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials, entitled “Commitment to Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trial Participation.” Amgen is committed to implementing these principles in our clinical research and will monitor our progress.

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