Guest: Real-World Clinical Trial Design and Execution in Oncology

David is a board-certified radiation oncologist with both academic research and biopharma experience, and for the past 22 years has been a full professor and an associate member of the University of Colorado Cancer Center. His work at Amgen centers on oncology trial design and execution.

David's main areas of focus over the past 25 years have been evaluating and combining novel biologic therapies that target specific aspects of the cancer cell cycle, DNA repair, and metastasis with radiation therapy in Phase I/II trials for patients with locally advanced cancers of the head and neck. His laboratory research included studying head and neck cancer and lung cancer. His previous work with AstraZeneca centered around late-stage immunotherapy development.

In addition, he consulted with both global medical affairs and global medical development teams centered around development of radiation-immunotherapy and targeted drug strategies across cancer disease sites to begin to use radiation as a fire starter rather than the fire itself. As a co-chair of the developmental therapeutics committee at the NRG Oncology Cooperative group he helped create a system whereby industry and investigator-initiated trial concepts for Phase I drug development can be implemented in a cooperative group setting.

David did his undergraduate studies at Duke University and received his M.D. from Wake Forest. He then served as Chief Resident in Radiation Oncology at Johns Hopkins Hospital.