Providing Healing, Promoting Hope: Women’s History Month 2022

At Amgen, investing in women is a critical pathway for future generations and for the patients we serve. Women’s History month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history and progress. The national theme this year is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” leading us to recognize the world’s healers and hope-givers—as well as our own patient-focused women.

Read more about the women of Amgen and their stories. Leaders like our Chief Human Resources Officer, Lori Johnston, who shared her personal journey with migraine. Scientists like Joanne Dai, whose research is focused on helping patients with cancer. Innovators like Jane Parnes who leads the early development of therapeutic candidates for diseases of the inflammatory and cardiometabolic systems. Mentors that are committed to developing fellow women at Amgen. And many, many more.

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