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Traveling with Severe Asthma: Tips for a Well-Managed Journey

After years of staying close to home, travel is once again top of mind and is on pace to meet or even surpass pre-pandemic levels. Among those hitting the road this summer are some of the 1.3 million people living with severe asthma in the United States, like Amgen's own Kelly Graham-Dada, an executive specialty sales representative for the company's Inflammation Business Unit.

For many people living with severe asthma, their everyday lives revolve around the chronic disease. Symptoms can be triggered by a wide range of indoor and outdoor allergens or irritants, including air pollution, dust or even cold temperatures. For Graham-Dada, simple pleasures like keeping the windows open at home were enough to cause a flare-up, so traveling to unfamiliar areas with unpredictable elements was never easy to navigate.

Proactively addressing travel needs and concerns ahead of time has enabled Graham-Dada to continue to pursue adventures on her bucket list. "Having a clear asthma action plan along with early and frequent conversations about navigating uncertain environments can help everyone feel prepared to handle any situation while traveling," says Graham-Dada, who also grew up in a family of severe asthmatics.

Managing my severe asthma on a daily basis was becoming increasingly difficult and taking a trip felt especially unattainable. Ever since I adjusted my asthma action plan with my doctor, I can now look forward to everything from taking a road trip with my family to jet-setting to the next country for a new adventure.
— Kelly

Here are some tips for keeping severe asthma under control while venturing away from home.


Severe asthma doesn't have to limit anyone's travel goals or diminish their sense of exploration, as long as they know how to prepare to journey wisely; and that journey starts with talking to a doctor or asthma specialist about developing a plan that includes travel considerations.

Visit to find an asthma specialist, check out resources and learn about a potential management option for severe asthma.

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