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Investigator Survey

Currently, Amgen is registering investigators/sites who are interested in conducting our clinical trials. If you are interested, please access and complete the Physician Registry Survey. Completion of the survey will help Amgen learn about your past experience, qualifications of your site, site staff and your research interests. This information will go into our physician registry, which is managed in the United States but may be accessed by our affiliates who are located in other countries and may store your data locally. The data in our investigator registry is used only by Amgen as a primary resource for site selection for current and upcoming studies.

When Amgen is conducting a study that matches your therapeutic area of expertise, you may be selected from our registry as a potential investigator for the study. If so, you will receive a screening questionnaire or a telephone survey outlining the particulars of the trial as well as questions to assess your interest, experience, patient population and qualifications. If your site meets the criteria and specifications for the study, you may be selected as a principal investigator for Amgen's clinical research trial.

Thank you for your commitment and interest!