Research Philosophy

At Amgen, we aspire to be the best human therapeutics company. Clinical research at Amgen is built upon the framework of the Amgen values.

We value results, people, and integrity. Our goals are to develop products that will improve patients' lives and to be a good corporate citizen in the communities where our staff live and work. It is the incorporation of these values and aspirations that have made Amgen an industry leader.

Amgen provides the medical, scientific, technical, and regulatory expertise required to meet our clinical development? goals, as well as ensure that our clinical studies adhere to international Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.

The role of clinical investigators is critical to the success of our clinical programs. Amgen continually evaluates investigator input so that product development (including study design) is improved.

Amgen is continually evaluating new technologies to help bring investigational products to market. It is our constant commitment to improvement that ensures that Amgen sponsors the highest quality clinical trials.