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New Patient Telemedicine Checklist

Given the changing healthcare environment, Amgen partnered with patients and physicians to develop a patient telemedicine checklist that can help guide discussions during virtual visits.

Take a look and download it here .

Before-Your-Appointment Considerations

Ask office if there are any tasks to complete prior to your telemedicine appointment

Write down questions you may want to ask

Identify a comfortable space for your appointment (e.g., well-lit, quiet, distraction-free)

Have the following available

  • Insurance
  • Pharmacy
  • List of current medications (if applicable)
  • Pictures you want to share (if applicable)


Test your device to be sure you can connect with your physician


Consider whether you want a family member or caretaker present for the appointment

During-Your-Appointment Considerations

Be prompt and connect early

Inform the physician of any recent medical appointments or hospital/ER visits

Ask questions, take notes and request educational materials for future reference

After-Your-Appointment Considerations

Document next steps

Monitor your health and advise physician of any changes

Schedule follow-up appointments, as needed

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