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Wrapping Up Amgen’s “Summer of Science” Instagram Series

Take a look back at the innovative and inspiring scientists who shared their stories.

Throughout the summer months, a handful of Amgen’s innovative and inspiring scientists shared what motivates them to serve patients through cutting-edge research as part of the “Summer of Science” series on Amgen’s Instagram page. Those who participated not only offered insights into the company's exciting biotechnology work, but they also shared powerful stories about what sparked their passions for science in the first place.

For Ryan Potts, the experience of being diagnosed with brain cancer at two years old turned into a lifelong passion for biomedical research, which led him to become head of Amgen’s Induced Proximity Platform. While Marissa Mock's childhood habit of conducting "amazing and foul kitchen experiments" helped lay the groundwork for her role as director of Generative Biology at Amgen, Mock also enjoys teaching others about her field, as evidenced by her appearance in one of Amgen’s inaugural videos on TikTok.

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For those interested to dive deeper into the fascinating (yet complex) topic of Generative Biology, check out The Generative Biology Revolution, a four-episode Amgen podcast also released over the summer, hosted by Ray Deshaies, Amgen’s senior vice president of Global Research.

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