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Unwrap the Gift of Science with Amgen Leaders

Amgen leaders are the newest ambassadors for LabXchange—the free virtual science education platform funded by the Amgen Foundation and developed at Harvard—and it's no wonder why.

Amgen is filled to the brim with science lovers and learners who appreciate quality science education. But LabXchange is more than just that—it's accessible, inclusive, and engaging, more than 18,000 assets across different content types for every type of learner, including virtual labs and science experiments!

This completely free resource has content for everyone—from young students learning science for the first time to university students—and LabXchange has reached 25 million students globally since it launched in 2020. So whether you're looking for a way to keep students entertained over winter break, want to share a great resource with the teachers in your life, or are looking to experience the joy of science on your own, there's never been a better time to explore LabXchange.

Check out Amgen leaders' recommendations below!

Robert Bradway, Chairman and CEO

"LabXchange has developed dozens of scrollable interactives, which are short online lessons that users can explore at their own pace, perfect for digging into a molecular process or a hot topic in biotech. So proud that the Amgen Foundation's support of LabXchange is bringing this content to users around the world."

Explore scrollable interactives.

Emily Razaqi, SVP, Corporate Affairs

"Narratives on LabXchange tell the stories of an individual's journey in science. I particularly love the way that I Am A Scientist captures a whole-person view of people working in science. I'm excited that I Am A Scientist, LabXchange, and the Amgen Foundation are bringing these amazing stories to users around the world."

Check out I Am A Scientist narratives.

David Reese, EVP, Research & Development

"Virtual laboratory simulations enable students to authentically engage in the scientific process as both a supplement to hands-on learning and a resource to explore techniques that may be cost-prohibitive in the average science class. The Amgen Foundation is happy to support LabXchange in bringing these powerful learning opportunities to the world."

See simulations on LabXchange.

Tamika Jean-Baptiste, VP and Chief Diversity Officer

"Representation matters everywhere, including in the field of science. I was encouraged to see hundreds of stories about scientists from all different backgrounds on the platform, sharing challenges they have overcome, opportunities in science that excite them, and bits of advice that they would pass on to the next generation."

Meet Racial DEI in Science Education project fellows.

Ponda Motsepe-Ditshego, VP and Therapeutic Area Head of Global Medical, General Medicine.

"At the Amgen Foundation, we're committed to making science and biotechnology accessible to all. One great example is the Foundational Concepts and Techniques in Biotechnology cluster that's been translated into isiZulu, South Africa's largest language group, and is now reaching new communities and schools across southern Africa."

Explore isiZulu biotechnology resources.

Ian Thompson, SVP and General Manager, U.S. Business Operations

"This particular LabXchange simulation has been viewed more than 350,000 times since it was released in 2020! Through the Amgen Foundation's partnership with LabXchange, users around the world can practice the fundamental technique of gel electrophoresis, an important lab method used to separate macromolecules by their size and charge."

Check out gel electrophoresis simulation.


Nancy Grygiel, SVP, Worldwide Compliance and Business Ethics

"The foundation of science is fact. But what happens if people lie about, manipulate or exclude data? Through the Amgen Foundation's support of LabXchange, there is an opportunity to learn about the consequences of such misconduct, and how research integrity can counter this challenge."

Dig into research ethics.


Scott Heimlich, President, Amgen Foundation

"I love the content on LabXchange from Our World In Data -- they present data in rich interactive and compelling formats that yield new insights into global challenges. For example, check out this interactive on COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered by Country, one of over 300 interactive data visualizations available from this LabXchange content collaborator."

Browse Our World in Data.


Sam Guhan, VP, Engineering

"While there are many simulations of individual laboratory techniques available on LabXchange, this particular simulation enables learners to practice their experimental design skills with instant feedback and multiple checkpoints for self-assessment. Through its support of LabXchange, the Amgen Foundation is making it possible for users around the world to engage in the scientific process through this platform."

Use experimental design to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms.


Susan Sweeney, SVP, Global Marketing, Access and Capabilities

"Over the past three years, PCR has become a part of our everyday lingo. This pathway on LabXchange is a great resource to share with anyone interested in learning more about this ubiquitous laboratory technique, and a powerful example of how learning never stops. I'm thrilled that the Amgen Foundation is supporting these efforts through its support of LabXchange."

Deepen your knowledge of PCR testing.


Esteban Santos, VP, Operations

"Too many students across the world do not have the opportunity to learn about science and biotechnology in their native language. I'm so proud that through the Amgen Foundation's support of LabXchange, we're breaking down those barriers to access by making simulations and other cutting-edge content available in many languages including Spanish.

En espanol, conceptos y técnicas fundamentales en biotecnología.


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About the Amgen Foundation

The Amgen Foundation is inspiring the next generation of scientists and future problem solvers – wherever they are. Engaging students with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to harness the full potential of science to solve tomorrow's toughest challenges, the Foundation works in partnership with local and global partners to provide best-in-class science education at no cost to students. To date, the Foundation has donated over $375 million to local, regional, and international nonprofit organizations that impact society in inspiring and innovative ways. This summer, the Amgen Foundation proudly shared that it was more than doubling its previous commitment to the virtual science education platform LabXchange, announcing a commitment of $30 million over the coming three years.

About LabXchange

LabXchange is an online science education platform with something for everyone. LabXchange partners with over 140 reputable organizations to share their content at no cost, creating a robust collection of high-quality, curated resources for anyone to access. And, with more than 18,000 pieces of filterable content, there's something for everyone.

For more information, visit www.AmgenFoundation.org and follow @AmgenFoundation on Twitter.

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