Business Conduct

Amgen adheres to sound scientific and quality principles, and ensures that these principles are reflected in our operations, including research, development, manufacturing and distribution.

Amgen is committed to the lawful stewardship of personal information that is collected, stored and used by the company.

Amgen’s policy against insider trading applies to staff members, consultants, contract workers and temporary staff, as well as to members of their families and households.

Amgen staff are responsible for avoiding situations in which personal interests, outside activities, financial interests or relationships conflict or even appear to conflict with the company’s interests.

Amgen does not tolerate any business transaction or activity that violates the antitrust and competition laws of any country in which the company conducts business.

While Amgen encourages staff to participate in the political process, personal contributions should not be made with or reimbursed by company funds in U.S. federal campaigns or in other campaigns where it is illegal to do so.