Work Environment

Ethical business conduct, professional behavior, adherence to acceptable business principles, personal integrity and compliance with applicable laws and regulations are expected to be consistently demonstrated at Amgen.

Safety is a priority at all Amgen locations worldwide. Staff members are expected to participate in safety training, follow safety standards and promptly report any safety concerns.

Amgen is committed to excellence in environmental, health and safety performance.

Amgen’s commitment to diversity is articulated in our core values and reflected in every part of our organization.

Amgen has policies and programs designed to provide a work environment that is free from unlawful discrimination.

Amgen does not tolerate unlawful harassment by or toward employees, or non-employees with whom Amgen has a business, service or professional relationship.

Amgen provides an effective process for Amgen staff or their representatives to express concerns and report potential violations regarding Amgen business conduct without retaliation or intimidation.