Safe and Healthy Workplace | Amgen

Safe and Healthy Workplace

Safety is a priority in everything we do. Amgen staff are expected to:

  • Ensure that work conditions in their area meet company safety requirements;
  • Know how to use and maintain equipment used in their job and to wear any necessary protective equipment;
  • Be responsible for any visitors they bring onsite;
  • Be familiar with the health and safety rules for their site or area, including emergency response plans;
  • Act in a reasonably safe manner.

Amgen does not tolerate offensive, threatening or violent behavior, whether verbal or physical. The company strictly prohibits possession of firearms or weapons of any kind on company premises (including vehicles parked on company property), at off-premises company events, or while on company business.

Amgen is committed to a workplace free of substance or alcohol abuse. Staff members are not allowed to be on Amgen premises, in company vehicles, or performing work for Amgen if they are impaired by drugs or alcohol. Staff members are encouraged to seek treatment for any substance-related problems.

Staff members are asked to promptly report all environmental, health and safety issues, including unsafe conditions, accidents, near misses, work-related injuries and illnesses, and any threatening or violent behavior.

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