Responsible Marketing and Product Information

Approach to Responsible Marketingicon

Amgen is committed to providing promotional information to patients and members of the healthcare community regarding Amgen products that is complete, truthful, and non-misleading. All promotional materials are designed to be consistent with the regional or country-specific labeling, fair balanced in their presentation of risks and benefits, describe safety information fully and accurately, and approved by the appropriate Amgen review process prior to use.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Advertisingicon

Amgen’s mission is to serve patients, and that includes providing them with accurate information about diseases and medicines. Where appropriate and allowed by law, DTC advertising is part of Amgen’s patient education efforts. We follow voluntary industry guidelines governing the responsible use of DTC advertising.

Interactions With Healthcare Providersicon

Amgen requires that all interactions with healthcare providers and other customers comply with all applicable laws and adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility.

Post-Marketing Commitments/Post-Marketing Requirementsicon

Advancing science and providing quality healthcare options for patients entails comprehensive research demonstrating the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Driving a Compliant Workforceicon

Our Staff are evaluated equally on performance and on behaviors. These behaviors are tied to our company values and leadership attributes which apply to all staff around the globe, and which explicitly include being ethical in all activities. These behaviors are reinforced with training and monitored through compliance processes.

Interactions with Patient Groupsicon

To deliver the greatest value of our products and services to patients, we must ensure that patients’ needs and concerns are being heard within the company. Patient advocacy groups have a deep and holistic understanding of patients’ needs, concerns, and day-to-day lives. As a result, they can provide meaningful and impactful insights that improve our understanding of how our products fit into a patient’s journey at the different stages of a product’s lifecycle based on patient experience.

Third Party Salesicon

We engage partners who are contractually responsible for marketing and/or sales of our medicines. Those partners are also expected to align to our policies and practices as explicitly outlined in our partnership agreements. In some locations or circumstances, we may employ contract sales organizations. Those contract sales organizations are trained on our policies and also held to our standards of interactions and sales integrity by contract and monitored regularly.

Interactions with the Publicicon

Amgen is committed to providing robust and meaningful information to health care providers, decision makers, and patients not only regarding Amgen products, but also regarding the disease states our products are intended to treat. For these communications to have the best chance at contributing to positive patient outcomes, it is necessary that these disease communications are transparent, ethical, and non-promotional in nature. To this end, Amgen requires that all communications with members of the healthcare community receive review and approval from legal, regulatory and medical experts.