At Amgen, Quality Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Amgen’s quality culture helps improve lives and patient outcomes.

When a group of Amgen staff were tasked with designing a new device to help patients self-administer an injectable medicine, they knew it could only succeed if it was designed with the patients in mind. The team worked directly with a group of patients, asking them to bring a favorite item from home and describe what they loved about it, and they used that critical feedback to understand how to make devices more patient friendly and develop products to meet their needs. This is an example of "Quality-by-Design" principles at work, just one way that people at Amgen focus on quality at all levels of the business.

As a leader in efforts to discover, develop and deliver important medicines to patients around the world, quality is embedded in the work of every person at Amgen. In fact, a directive to "ensure quality" is among the company's core values, and essential for fulfilling Amgen's mission to serve patients living with serious illnesses.

For a company like Amgen, quality is an enterprise-wide commitment across all decision-making. It means:

  • Placing the well-being of patients at the forefront with a patient-centric mindset
  • Having an unwavering commitment to regulatory standards
  • Ensuring that the safety and quality of life-saving medicines are never compromised
  • And continuously evaluating, adapting, and optimizing processes in all corners of the company, from the administrative offices to the manufacturing lines.

The goal of an unwavering focus on quality is straightforward: to enhance lives and achieve the best possible outcomes for the patients Amgen serves. In an ever-evolving and complex industry, Amgen's proactive and thoughtful approach to quality steers the company in the direction of what's right for patients. Quality isn't just a practice; it's part of our DNA at Amgen.

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